Play Football in Phuket

Football is a very popular sport in Phuket. As the sun goes down in the evenings, you will find that Thai’s gather on pitches everywhere. The heat often stops anyone from playing in the daytime, but there are still several tournaments where players need to endure the heat! Later on in the evening, you will see virtually every bar/restaurant anywhere in Phuket showing Premier League Football on TV.

The foreigner football scene is also quite popular. There are not really any specific farang teams in Phuket, but instead a mish-mash of players playing together in various teams, locations and tournaments on the island. Many players get together to play tournaments in and outside Phuket, and there are several locations for playing football for fun. The Phuket football scene includes a mix of young, old, skilled and rookie players … Mostly though, we all play for fun!

If you have a football team visiting Phuket, then please do get in touch with us regarding organizing a football game! If you are a new visitor to the island and simply want to get into some football action, get in touch with us and we can help you out!

Simply want to have a few casual games of football? Join the Phuket Football Facebook Group, where we organize open sessions at the Football Island pitch.